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Additional Signs That You May Need AC Repair

Spotting the signs that your air conditioner may be in need of repair can help you to have any issues addressed and fixed before they become problems that are more serious. However, there are so many signs that can indicate the need for AC repair that it can be hard for homeowners to keep track of all of them. To help you be on the lookout, here are some additional signs that can indicate that you may be in need of AC repair.

Thermostat Problems

Additional Signs That You May Need AC Repair Sometimes, if you notice problems with the temperature in your home, it may not be an issue with the air conditioner itself, but could actually be a problem with your thermostat. If you notice that one room is particularly cold, and the rest of your home is warm, then it is likely that your thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced. However, not matter what the issue may be, inconsistencies in room temperature is indicative of problems with your air conditioner that should be addressed by an HVAC specialist.

Odd Smells

One sign of AC problems that homeowners often do not look out for is odd odors coming from their vents while their air conditioner is running. However, this is a problem that if noticed should not be ignored. A musty scent coming from your air vents could mean mold is growing in your ductwork. This can be damaging to your AC unit as well as to your family’s health. If you notice a burnt smell while your air conditioner is running, then it is likely that your AC is experiencing electrical issues. Either way, if you notice any strange scents coming from your air conditioner, it is vital that you have the issue taken care of as soon as possible.

Moisture Where it Shouldn’t Be

Moisture collecting near your AC unit is a problem that if noticed should not be ignored, as it can indicate potentially serious issues with your air conditioner. Either a leak has caused refrigerant to begin to leak out of your unit, or the air conditioner’s condensation drain tube may be blocked or broken. Either way, this leaking liquid can cause a reduction in the efficiency of your air conditioner, and/or it can cause potential damage to your home. If you notice moisture around your AC unit, it is imperative to call a repair technician to address the problem as soon as possible.

Spotting issues with your AC unit as soon as possible can be vital in having the issue repaired before it causes serious damage to the appliance. Contact us to learn about more of the signs that can indicate that your air conditioner may be in need of repair.

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